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September 19, 2008


DomestiGal Jen

Oh. Yum. My trainer is going to kill me because after looking at these photos there is NO WAY I am sticking to my fish and veg diet today... :-) So awesome, Kathryn! Can't wait to see what #1 is (and wracking my brain to figure out what it could be)!


Oh, I love this idea! It would fit right in with my family--pie always trumped cake at our birthday parties.

Jennifer Gaskin

an old aquaintance of mine had a pie display at her october wedding, instead of a cake. she had apple, pumpkin, pecan, peach, etc. - it was a big hit and everyone was stuffed!


I love the mini apple pies! So cute!


MMM. We're having an October wedding too! We're going to have pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate carmel pie, apple crumb pie and pumpkin muffins. Nothing compares to homemade pies!


I must say Maria, your fall themes are making me want to get married all over again in the fall! The storyboards are flawless!


Those pies looks delicious and I love the mini apple ones. What a great idea!

Erica Blonde

mmmm, pie! I'm going to a pie auction and then a pie party tonight. It always marks the beginning of fall for me.
A friend of mine had a late-night pie buffet at her wedding. Yum!

joanna goddard

YUM! i love this idea.


There is an unbelievable-looking recipe for bourbon peach hand pies on smittenkitchen(dot)com. The second that I saw it I asked my fiance if we could bribe someone to make those instead of a wedding cake. Mmmm... pie.


I really want to have mini fall themed pies in addition to the cake: not everyone likes cake and not everyone likes pie so it is a perfect fall balance!


that mini tart photo on the bottom center is too precious!

Inspired Events By Nycia

I love the mini pies!! Perfect for any fall event!! I am so looking forward to having yummy pies for Thanksgiving...

Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride

I'm beginning to think that blogs like yours might be bad for my health. If an apple pie was offered to me right now, Id take the whole thing! Those look sooo good!

Sarah H

You are killing my diet here!


Oh wow, this is a great idea! And I bet pies would be cheaper than a wedding cake....


I love the idea of apple pies. That goes along with my teacher theme!


The pie on the bottom right would be perfect for a country wedding- especially if it were rhubarb!


This has to be my favorite so far! I have always been a pie person over cake and cookies. And mini pies would be adorable as an alternative to cake or as a cute & delicious favor to send home with your guest


These pies look amazing... I love the detail of the bottom middle one. I can practically smell them now!


Oh no!!! How can you do this to me time after time? Here I am trying to become a lean mean bridal machine and you tempt me with all of these goodies!!! Uncle! Uncle!


Every year for my birthday my mom bakes an apple pie for me instead of a cake; they are absolutly my favorite...and my b-day is tommorrow = pie day!


Cheescake Pumpkin pie = the best!

Kristen R.

Oh Kathryn! You do know how to make a girl's Friday. These pies would go perfectly with cups of hot apple cider!

Kristen R.

Oh Kathryn! You do know how to make a girl's Friday. These pies would go perfectly with cups of hot apple cider!

kari michelle

We're doing a pie buffet for our wedding! I already started collecting random pie plates and stands to make the table look vintage-y. mmm..yummy pie.

Marie P

pie= a perfect wedding


Pies are one of my favorite desserts!


Oh delicious pies! What a wonderful personalized touch for any wedding reception!


Yum! We are serving apple pie and pumpkin roll as part of dessert buffet on 10.11.08......perfect for this time of year!


Yum! Wouldn't it be fun to have a pie tasting buffet instead of a candy buffet?


I love the various pie ideas, especially if they're not all "fall" themed (key lime!)


I never really thought of incorporating pies but I think it's a great idea - I've always preferred pie over cake too!


ahhh, if only I could do my wedding all over. I would have loved to have served pies and other fall goodies instead of sticking with the traditional cake.


Me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
all at once o well it's pie
an' wet bottom.
Come to your place everyday if you've got em'
Me o my
I love pie


yummy :)

Jessica B

I love pies at weddings! We actually used pies instead of cake at our October wedding two years ago. It was a huge hit and the pies also doubled as centerpieces.


Love the idea of pie...but b/c mine is a brunch wedding, we're doing coffee cake as our "wedding cake"!


Nothing says love like some pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmmmm. We're doing individual mini pies instead of wedding cake. More autumnal!


Nothing says love like some pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmmmm. We're doing individual mini pies instead of wedding cake. More autumnal!


Nothing says love like some pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmmmm. We're doing individual mini pies instead of wedding cake. More autumnal!


Mmmm...one of the first things I learned to bake was my grandfather's favorite dessert, chess pie--brings back memories!

Emily A

Those are some stunningly gorgeous pies!!


Pie really is the ultimate fall treat. I would serve hot chocolate and apple cider with mine :)


We are doing pies for our spring wedding (hello, rhubarb!!) instead of wedding cake. My mom was the state fair pie-baking champion and we have always had pie instead of birthday cakes - pies just seemed right for us!

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