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May 27, 2009



amen and hallelujah!

Megan Hobson

Where can I find these jars Maria?? They'd go perfect with our condo!


I just found some at a thrift store... love them!

maria @ ritzy bee

Megan - I found some near you at an antique shop in downtown Fredrick! They are not always easy to find but most from the late 1800's to early 1900's run about $6 - $10 a piece. You can also find on Ebay!

Jennifer @ Sensational Weddings

Mmmmmm .. My fave decor idea. I'm always on the hunt for fab glass!

Barnyard Chic Bride

I am collecting the pint sized mason jars to use as candle holders in our centerpieces. I've had luck finding them at thrift stores, the flea market (we have a huge one in the area), and also on eBay.

The Perfect Palette

incredibly pretty.

Jen Jafarzadeh

so fun to find our wedding centerpiece in my Reader today! thanks, what a sweet roundup. I found all our blue jars from eBay.


I became obsessed with these years ago and bought some everywhere I could. Now, all sizes are above my white kitchen cabinets and on a beam in our living room. I've mixed in green glass as well. LOVE them!!


I love the idea of the Mason jars but I never saw them in blue before, they look great, thanks!


I'm using these in a wedding this weekend and we made them! Should have pictures up soon! :)


If anyone has a bunch of these blue jars they used for their wedding and they'd be willing to loan out, I would be super stoked! I love the idea of decorating with these but know I wouldn't use them again... would be so great if I could get ahold of some loaners and cover "something borrowed" and "something blue" in one fell swoop!

AmyJean @RelentlessBride

I love the blue jar... it's so simple and clean, yet makes a great statement and a beautiful tone for any wedding ! :)

Megan Hobson

Don't you just love the antique shops here in Frederick? I have gotten a few great finds here and there. You have to have time to spend, but SO worth it! Thanks for the info...hope all is well.

Antique Jars

That last arrangement is really cute! Perfect for a garden party. You made great use of your blue jar!

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