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January 26, 2010



How cute is this...great job Maria...so fun...loving all the bright colors!!


Love the Alice in Wonderland Theme, fabulous job!


I'm completely in love with this theme... wonderful job carrying the surprising touches & fun details through every element of the party. So inspired by the creativity here, and especially loving the "Drink Me" signs & grinning Cheshire Cat!

julie @ duet letterpress

fabulous! all the details are so wonderful + fun.


This dinner party looks perfect! Can I have one? :)


Love how grown up though whimsy it is ! Great job ! Love all the elements.

Tessa , Utah Bride and Groom

This is SO fun!! Being a fellow "Alice In Wonderland" fanatic, I can't get enough of all the whimsical details! I especially love the invitation, the calligraphy, and the "Drink Me" and "Open Me" cards.

julianne smith

this is just too cute! what a lucky girl!

Liene Stevens

It turned out so great, Maria! I love it!


Absolutely adorable! Who wouldn't love that?

Stephaine @ Geezees

So FREAKING adorable!!


SO FUN!!!! Beautiful work Maria!


Beautiful! Not only are the details wonderful, the way you tell a story with photography, and convey to the viewer the little things that you find meaningful is.. amazing!


Deborah Block

This was amazingly creative and refreshing! I teach social dancing and etiquette for children at schools and private parties and I know the creative touches and visual stimulation is very important for making them excited and feeling special and keeping their attention. I hope all the kids did their homework and read the book before hand so they could fully appreciate all your subtle nuances! ha ha! Beautiful job!


I am completely blown away. it's gorgeous!

kids party supplies

all the design cuisine were so nice and colorful.. i love your idea of having an Alice in Wonderland Theme, great job!

Account Deleted

This is an awesome feature! Thanks for showing fans how much fun it is to craft your own fun Alice in Wonderland decorations and games!



I absolutely love what you have done for the Alice in Wonderland themed bday. I am a big fan of the movie and of the entire concept; and the date picked for this party so happens to be my birth day! I am considering organising one for my 29th bday ...one month or two in advance...Very inspiring! thank you.

Kathryn K.

Who created the invitations for this event??

Toy Story Party Supplies

A very interesting design and theme. Surely, everyone will be glad once they witness this theme used in an event.

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