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January 05, 2012


Nikki Stager

awesome contest. This personalized stamp would come in handy for helping my friend make her wedding invitations/save the dates she would totally love that!

If it wasn't sold out i would get the Ultimate Stationary Set. I think she will be doing hand made invites so it would save her time, money and hand cramps!

Fingers crossed! thanks


I love the Ultimate Stationary Gift Set! What an amazing gift..to give or get!

Katie Wilgus

My favorite thing on the Besotted Brand website is the petit heart hand-printed stationary set, runner-up is the sweet hello hand stamp!

Thank you for sharing the beautiful site.


Such a great giveaway! I had such a hard just picking one thing! I love the Ultimate Station Gift Set! The perfect thing to get me working on those thank you notes :) Or I also love the Pretty Parcel Gift Pack.

Fingers crossed :-D


Ahh, I LOVE this!! I love their natural-color stationary kit, and their ultimate stationary kit is seriously amazing, but I think the vintage postmark stamp is actually my favorite- I sent out 6-8 letters per month (actual letters, multiple paragraphs long) and about 100 cards around the holidays (with a full, handwritten, personal letter in each card!), and this would be such a great addition to my envelopes!
Also, thanks so much for all the inspiration you provide :)


I have to say I love the petite heart hand-printed stationery set! Thank you for a lovely giveaway!


I am in love with the Ultimate Stationery Gift Set and the Pretty Parcel Gift Pack.

Meighan Mahaffey

Adorbs, I love a good stamp. I really like their flag labels too though!

Holly Cromer [Photographer Blacksburg, VA]

What an amazing giveaway! Well I was intrigued by the fact that they have an apothecary section coming soon... I love their heart of gold stationary kit the most I think.

Kate Hart

I would have to say my favorite item in Besotted Brand's shop is "The Original Flag Label". They would look darling on their Kraft Envelopes!

Madelynne Miller

I love the HEART OF GOLD HAND-PRINTED STATIONERY SET. So very adorable and sweet!


love..."handmade" stamp...
all very beauty*FULL!



Anne Marie Cale

the personalized woodland wreath initials hand stamp is fabulous!

Emily Harrison

I love the THE ULTIMATE STATIONERY GIFT SET. I am a huge fan of sending letters so it is perfect. Thanks!


What a beautiful gift! I'm actually a big fan of their products. Love everything in their shop.

If I had to choose one, that would be the Custom Calligraphy Stationery Stamp!

Thank you!


The personalized stamp is so cute.

Kallie B

I love their branding and photos! Thanks for sharing this company. (It's now bookmarked.)

The Luxe Correspondence Set is incredible. I also love the Personalized Woodland Wreath Initials Hand Stamp. So pretty.

Rachel U

the seahorse is soooo cute!! i would love that!

Ashley Gilbert

I love the "merci" and the "hello" stamps. Perfect for those handwritten letters!


I love the WOODCUT COUPLES MONOGRAM PERSONALIZED STAMP. I can definitely see us using it often. Glad you introduced this brand.


love love! my favorite is the woodcut monogram, but this giveaway is just as sweet!

Rosemary Nick

I love so many of the products that it is hard to pick just one BUT... what I love the most is the packaging!


I'm here from Besotted Brand because this stamp is SO cute :)


It's impossible to choose because Besotted is so lovely, but if I have to pick just one it's that LUXE CORRESPONDENCE SET. (close second is the CALLIGRAPHY THANK YOU HAND STAMP!)

Emme Wynn Photography

I love the Besotted Brand! It's so clean and simple just the way I like it! I actually found them through following Ritzy Bee's Pinterest! I'm going to get a hand-stamp made (hopefully soon) from Miss. B! I think this would go perfect next to my vintage stamped envelopes to mail to clients. :)


favorite item in their shop (aside from the vintage postmark stamp ;)) is THE ULTIMATE STATIONARY GIFT SET! especially for it's letter stamps!

Jill Flory

I love besotted brands stuff! A favorite? That's hard to say. i love the kraft envelopes and I do adore this new stamp she's come up with. Will have to buy myself one someday if I don't win one!

Stephanie S

I love Besotted Brand everything! But, my favorite is the Special Delivery Stamap. How perfect for gifts and handmade cards. Love it.

Beth C

I love the woodland wreath stamp!! Well... In truth, it's difficult to pick only stamp... They are all gorgeous.


I love the calligraphy thank you notes.

Karissa {Tragic and Lovely}

Oh! I love it. I hope I win!

Sue H.

Custom Calligraphy Stationary Stamp is awesome.

Meg Fish

um... everything!? I love the white note cards, the postage stamp and her gorgeous 'special delivery' (which I now own!)... can't wait for the new collection!

lisa rotell

i love the entire aesthetic of the besotted brand...from the website, the blog, the products, and how beautiful the items are packaged when you buy something.
today's favorite is the 'hello' stamp.

connie mar

love the vintage post stamp

Lauren Faulk

I love all of Besotted's stamps, but particularly love the detail on the seahorse.

linda (burlap+blue)

LOVE the pretty parcel gift set! Thanks for the chance!


I adore the calligraphy "thank you" hand stamp. It's so lovely!


Can their packaging be my favorite?! I love the calligraphy 'thank you' stamp!


Love besotted brands!


What isn't there to love? The gift sets are just amazing!


I love this brand! The packaging in divine. I have been wanting a stamp for my etsy store and would love to win this one. Thank you for your generosity.



What lovely paper goods! I adore the flag labels, their kraft envelopes and those calligraphy stamps.


i love the woodland wreath stamp. thanks!

Traci Upp

I love the Besotted stamps! Especially the one's that could be used for gift tags and luggage to add a special personal touch. I would like to have all of them!


What a lovely giveaway! Everything is so pretty but I narrowed down a few favorites...the custom calligraphy, "happy everything", and hello stamp. Thank you!

Chrislyn Johnson

I love the postage stamp..too cute! The Besotted website is wonderful!

Jane Mead

The Luxe Correspondence set


i love the stationary gift set! and all of the packaging is so beautiful.

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