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April 21, 2008



Besides asking for paper bags at the store, I recycle EVERYTHING...we've managed to decrease our trash by 50%! Love your blog - thanks for being green


Carrying a canvas bag shopping is a must...my state is trying to eliminate plastic bags by 2011 which I hope they can do!!


I try to recycle whenever possible and ride my bike too when I can. Living in a city makes that a little easier to do.


One of my favorite & most simple way to be green is to unplug appliances after using. Even when appliances are off, they still suck up energy. To make things easier, plug your stuff into a surge protector & just unplug that before you leave your home for the day!


You can greenify your wedding, by just cutting back paper use. No RSVPs, pocketfolds, menu cards for me.


My favorite green tip for a wedding is to find an organization that will collect unused food from the caterer after the reception and take it to a homeless shelter instead of throwing everything in the trash. Why waste a good meal?!


One great eco-chic wedding tip I know: buy a second-hand dress. It's a consumer-savvy choice: you can bet the dress has probably been used only once. :)


Instead of using plastic plates for our wedding, I'm going to get china from garage sales and flea markets. This cuts down on waste and infuses Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It also changes things up and makes eating stylish :)


We're using shuttle buses to minimize the impact of everyone driving to and from our venue. It's also a fun way to get the party started!


My green wedding tip is to use candles instead of electricity. We are also using biodegradable confetti to toss at the ceremony. :)


A green wedding idea that I'd like to share is using dried flowers - like dried Jasmine - for confetti to toss after the ceremony. You can even make this yourself!

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