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April 04, 2008



I love that you have all sorts of events on your blog, not just weddings. You have a nack (spelling?) for selecting things that all generations can appreciate. I have yet to see something on your blog that I haven't said "LOVE THAT" to. Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspirations.

Abbie in CO

I love the real weddings and interviews you've posted on your blog. Actually, I love your posts about just about anything! I'm a southern transplanted in CO, so that book would really come in handy. I would love to incorporate some of myself and traditions in my wedding. Thanks for offering the drawing!


I think one of my favorite things on Ritzy Bee is the wonderful interviews. I loved getting to "know" a little more about Kristen and Bliss* the other day!


I love how helpful you have been to me as well as other brides-to-be. From videographers to beautiful jewelry, you have opened our eyes to the wonderful world of Wedding! The Real Weddings are so helpful, also! They give each of us a little inspiration for our own weddings.


I love reading your blog every day! You have such creative ideas for all events. For bride to bes, your blog gives great suggestions for those that may have no clue where to start or can build on a idea they may already have.


I just love reading it all. I just subscribed recently, and all of your entries have been inspiring and helpful!


Obviously your style and knowledge of everything "event" play out in this blog. Your eye for design and detail show through! Great job, and let me tell you...I'm addicted!


Your blog provides me with so much inpsiration for my upcoming wedding!! Everything on here is to die for! Thank you!


I love all of the real weddings you post. Everything is so stunning, it makes me want to get married all over again!


I just started reading Ritzy Bee and love it! I love the real weddings and the inspiration boards as well as the other events :)


I love seeing the real weddings, and the interviews that you do with people in the industry. There is always a new idea I see that pops up another idea... from jewelry to dishes to stationary to wedding dresses, you cover it all, and I love it all!

Glamour This! by Kelly

I love your blog, its part of my morning daily reads. I think you have done a great job! I love inspiration boards and real weddings, so more of those would be great!

Thanks for being part of the blogosphere, its great to have you among us! :)


I love so much about your blog that it's hard to pinpoint something specific. But, I suppose that I love how you come up with creative ideas for wedding stuff, like anniversary guest books; I just may use that idea for my own wedding.


I just came across Ritzy Bee for the first time last night. And well- let's just say I stayed up late going through every single archive! I'm hooked, obsessed, and so happy that I now have your awesome blog to help me through my wedding planning! :)


I love the real weddings most of all, especially image collages. I find the most inspiration in looking at the visuals of other peoples' weddings. I have a whole collection of images from your blog on my hard drive!


I love the inspirational photos!


I stumbled across Ritzy Bee from another bridal blog a month or so ago when it was in its beginning stages. Ever since then I've been hooked!! My favorite things about Ritzy Bee are that it is informative AND it has great eye candy. There are plenty of blogs out there that are one or the other, but rarely both. That's why you are a favorite on my Firefox Toolbar! :)

Heidi @ Zenadia Design

I keep coming back to Ritzy Bee, not only for the wonderful pictures, but I love the fact that you post about things other than weddings! I also love all the interviews you do with the different wedding pros such as Bliss and ink and peat. Thanks for keeping such a wonderful and informative blog!


I love all the stationary! I could not have discovered your blog at a better time - I am planning a baby shower, a bridal shower and my own wedding! There has not been a day that I haven't sent a link to your blog to someone as inspiration! You all have the best taste.

Thanks for all the posts and inspiration!


I love your blog and this book.


I love the style of this blog...and the amazing photos. I am also partial to bee imagery...


Your blog has been so helpful to me in planning my upcoming wedding! I drop by every day. I'm always looking for diy, eco-friendly and stylish ideas for enlivening our big day. It's amazing how one small idea (a wedding certificate signing table) or poses for photos (fun sunlit sidewalk) or a fresh new arrangement of colors can make a huge difference. The interviews, too, are a great help for gathering keen advice. Thanks!!


I love that you have ideas and creations for those of us who are married already.
It is helpful in getting ideas for a "big" birthday (age wise) which one of my relatives will be having soon.

Mia Song

Thanks for aspiring future brides all over! I am addicted to wedding websites, and yours is definitely one that i try to visit everyday!

Marissa Fung

I love this website, especially the real wedding section. Yay, thanks!


Ritzy Bee has become my new wedding blog addiction! You have such fresh ideas and inspirations. I'm all about the details as I plan my own wedding - I love checking in every day to see what new tidbit you have posted for brides-in-need like me! Thanks for your hard work!


Ritzy Bee has become my new wedding blog addiction! You have such fresh ideas and inspirations. I'm all about the details as I plan my own wedding - I love checking in every day to see what new tidbit you have posted for brides-in-need like me! Thanks for your hard work!

Jessica Lynn

There are so many things that I love about this blog! I love that when you feature something, you REALLY feature it. You give it the proper space on your blog that it deserves...not just 3 or 4 images...more like 10+!! One of my favorite posts was "Hosting a baby shower" because you took the event from start to finish, illustrated a theme and how it flowed together, and addressed every aspect of the shower. That post ALMOST made me want to host a baby shower! :)Anyways, I would LOVE to see you do the same for a weddiing: take a theme and run it the whole way thru the wedding. I can only imagine what greatness you will come up with! Thanks for the great blog filled with inspiration!


Hi! I LOVE the layout and design of your blog. I originally visited to read about the "real weddings", but was interested in every other posting too! So many great ideas! I would love to see more "real weddings".


You have fabulous eye-candy on here. I hope I'm able to incorporate some of these ideas into my big day in October!


Oh how I wish I had your inspiration when I got married! It makes me want to plan a wedding all over again. Keep up the great work!


Like many others, a day doesn't go by for me without reading your blog! I love the large amount of photos (easy to scan through and look for my color scheme) and of course, the real weddings. Keep up the good work!


I'm new to this blog and have fallen in love! I hunt for all things wedding related and think this is such an awesome site - inspiration in abundance! Thanks for your awesome work!


Just wanted to say this is one of my must check out daily blogs :) thanks for all you post up.

Angeles Liu

I love your blog. Chock full of info like color pallettes, design inspirations. Lots of ideas I would never put together.

elegant bride

i love all the unique ideas you give me! its great to see weddings that have a modern twist to them. i have definitely been inspired!


I love how extensive and varied your posts are. They go beyond weddings; I'm married but your blog is still a daily inspiration!


Your blog is so fun to read and catch up on every day! I love the creative ideas and photos from real weddings. Keep the inspiration coming :)


I truly enjoy the "inspirations" on the blog...so many great ideas. And not just for weddings! I also spend way too much time looking at invitations/paper goods/note cards...sometimes you just have to splurge! ;)

heather coones

your blog is very inspiring for me as a floral designer and lover of all things creative. i really like that your blog is not only about weddings but also other celebrations and fun creative ideas! the photos are also great and the way you bring together different sources for a post really works.


My personal favorite are the real wedding photos. I find those to be the most helpful because a lot of the time they feature do-it-yourself ideas I could replicate. I also like to see the pictures from other weddings because they are a good source of inspiration. I also love it when ritzybee features new and/or different vendors for wedding items, such as stationary.


I LOVE the real weddings. It's so great to see other brides creativity, and always seems to inspire me to be even more creative in my own wedding planning. Keep it coming!!!

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