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July 22, 2008



I love engraved silver julep cups for a favor, so southern and classy!


I love the idea of anything edible, especially if it's something local to the area. :)


As an M&M fan, I like customized M&M's as a favor :)


We're doing a donation to charity. My father survive colon cancer and so a donation to the ACS is important to us!


i have two favors that really won me over, one was engraved wine stopper (lover me some wine) and the other was a donation to the local animal shelter...i'm a huge animal supporter and that was just the right touch, imo.


Anything chocolate!

Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride

The best favor, which I still use, was from a friends wedding that was held in their backyard - and then everyone took to their (or friends) boat and headed out to Shell Island and partied on the beach. It was a huge shrimp boil on the beach and to keep our beer cool in the hot summer Florida sun, they gave everyone coozies with their wedding info on it. A little redneck? Maybe, but it was great use and I still think of her every time I grab that coozie to head to the beach.


at my cousin's wedding, we all got a box with a chocolate in it...in the shape of an acorn. her sister (an artist) designed the acorn, so there was a personal, family touch. and attached to the box was a poem about acorns. (wish I could remember it...too cute)

I agree with the above...anything edible is good! :)


something sweet to munch on before the cake comes out!


I quite enjoyed receiving hand-made chocolate truffles. Yum! Another fav was wildflower seeds for my garden.


I liked getting a cd - it really reflects the couple and everytime I hear a song from it, I remember that wedding and the fun we had.


Someone planted a tree for every guest. It was so thoughtful, touching, and reflective of their personality.


I love favors that are practical! I recieved a mini KOLO photo albulm at a wedding recently. The couple had written a note on the first page thanking guests for their love and support and a photo of themselves. The rest of the albulm I filled with photos of the wedding weekend. I have it out on my coffee table - it's a great reminder of a wonderful weekend.


I don't keep knickknacks and think most favors go un-unsed. My favorite "favor" is always a donation to charity. It's far more personal and is a good use of money.


I think a favor that is edible...candy, popcorn, cookies etc. is perfect. My finace and I were having trouble thinking of favors to give our guests...we had thought about giving tree seedlings, coasters, magnets but thought that they might get left or thrown away. So a tasty treat is perfect, and even if they are left behind they can still be enjoyed!


Oh these are so cute!!

Hrmm... my favorite favor? I love edible favors - but the one that I've loved the most were the packet of "watch our love grow" seeds. it was a fabulously cute idea! If only I hadn't "kill their love" with my black thumbs of death. :(


I love the candy/cookie bar with cute decorative bags. I am also thinking of having a caricature artist come and draw cute cartoons of all of our guests---something everyone can enjoy!


Hands down, something edible and homemade - we're going to have homemade family cookies at our wedding (with some little containers of milk to wash it all down). :)


I like favors that are either delicious (like the pralines that I plan to give) or reusable, like the adorable monogrammed note pads that I received at a friends wedding.


I love lavender sachets.


i love edible and in particular...chocolate! my brother and sister both had m&m's at each of their weddings and they were huge hits! no left over favor boxes at the end of the night. i'm always a fan of anything homemade, especially when it reflects the special couple or their families. :)


Most anything delicious.
Although I think I might give out play-dough, really who doesn't love playing with play-dough?


anything edible...cookies, candy bar, dessert bar...I am a suga' lova'!


right now i'm loving jars of honey as favors.


My favorite favor is tea. It is something you can make later and while sipping you can reminisce about the wedding.


Edible favors are my favorite! Especially if it's an out-of-town wedding, it's very practical to transport back because I've eaten it all by the time I get on the plane :).


Simplicity - Jordan almonds - silver ones in a beautiful cream wrapping with gorgeous ribbon box

April T.

edibles of course, especially gourmet chocolates and cookies.


I love donations to charities important to the couple as well as anything edible. :)

christina huggett

best favour i ever received was at my schoolfriend's wedding. She gave our personalised guitar picks because her and her husband are both musicians. So cool!


I'm all about truffles!

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