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July 14, 2008



Really lovely Maria, I don't really understand what 'Southern Charm' is but I really like the soft feel of this board!


Rome! But it's hard to run away to Rome for a weekend, so my next choice would be upstate NY - it's so beautiful and peaceful there.


I don't want to enter for the card (i'm already married and I'm sure someone else can use it more then me!) but I have to say my favorite place I've ever been in the world is Jordan...hands down! Everyone should go once in their life!


Rebecca Gomes

My favorite vacation spot has to be Camp Taylor in Columbia, NJ, up in the mountains by the Delaware Water Gap. It a beautiful spot to go camping and just relax without all the hustle and bustle. Since I live at the Jersey Shore, the beach is my everyday vacation, which is a life-saver.


Destin, Florida. The soft, never too hot, white sand beaches and the striking sea blue colored ocean is heaven on Earth. I love renting a house and spending my days laying on the beach with a good book ... I wish I was there right now!


Mexico! My fiance and I are going in 3 weeks after we finish the bar exam!


Home! I live in NYC but home will always be a small farm in Minnesota.


Any beach with clear blue water is the perfect vacation for me. There is just something so soothing about the ocean.


Definitely Florida! I have never had a bad vacation anywhere in Florida. This thursday the fiance & I leave for Key West for a family wedding! I haven't been to Florida in 2 years so I'm super excited!


The Outer Banks is my favorite place to be and is where my fiance and I got engaged :)

Lara @ Southern Weddings

Anywhere where there is fresh powder and a pair of skis. My favorite is Vail. What a great contest--so fun to dream!


that is a great inspiration board. Definitely has that "southern" feel about it. I am really a fan of Fort Lauderdale- my grandparents have a house there and we like to go stay there b/c it's free. But it honestly is my favorite place to go because I just have so many fond memories of vacations there growing up!


Naples, Florida - The older crowd gives it a real low key adult atmosphere. If for nothing else but perusing shops, eating at nice little restaurants, watching fabulous sunsets, white sand beaches and the Everglades - this to me is Florida. Oh and can't forget the eye candy of waterfront estates and mansions around every corner.


my favorite vacation spot is cape cod. particularly eastham. my grandparents once had a home there and that's where we'd go for our family vacations when i was little. every time i cross over the bourne bridge and see the "cape cod" hedges, i am overwhelmed with so many beautiful memories of my childhood at the cape.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings

Oh I love this board! My favorite vacation is to Jekyll Island, GA. The island is complete with Southern Mansions and Houses and surrounded by Spanish Moss Trees. Just steps away from the southern paradise are gorgeous white sandy beaches. It's the best!


My very favorite place in the world is Seaside, FL. It's the most wonderful little beach town on the gulf coast and I can't wait to go back in October. It's the first vacation we took as a couple, the first place we took our daughter and we're renewing our vows there! We plan to buy a house there as soon as we can. I love it!


My favorite vacation is New York City. Seeing the sites, the fantastic food, museums, and the whole vibe of the city is so amazing. I can't wait to go back, every time is a new adventure in the concrete jungle!


If I had my choice, I would always vacation in Cortona, Italy. I studied abroad there in college and ever since it's held a special place in my heart. The people are so loving and really understand how to live life to the fullest!


Home in Michigan - after moving out east I've really come to miss the easy, laid-back vibe that comes with where I grew up!


my favorite vacation spot is Marco Island, Florida. Growing up we spent our Easter vacations there.

Danielle S.

Wisconsin Dells--beautiful weather, great places to stay, and so many fun things to do--fits everyone's preferences!


Beautiful board! My favorite vacation spot is Cannon Beach, Oregon. My fiancé and I travel to this amazing Oregon beach a least once a year. Last year while we were there he asked me to marry him!!!


My favorite vacation spot is Paris. I've never been to a city more beautiful or romantic!


My favorite vacation spot is Glacier National Park in Montana. It's so beautiful, remote, and peaceful. It's also where we're getting married!


my favorite spot in the whole world would be the beach. when i lived in california, i loved going to newport beach.

I wish I were a ballerina...

I would definitely have to say Glacier National Park in Montana. Its where my man and I really fell in love. It is such a beautiful, magical place!


Charleston will forever be my favorite vacation spot. The sound of the ocean, the beautiful historical setting, the rich foods and fresh drinks, with all of the southern hospitality truly can't be beat!


Charleston will forever be my favorite vacation spot. The sound of the ocean, the beautiful historical setting, the rich foods and fresh drinks, with all of the southern hospitality truly can't be beat!


melbourne australia is my favorite. visiting my "pen pal" was perfect and her large greek family and her town took us in as their own.
i'm very fond of that place.

SC Nearly Wed

My favorite spot is St. Simon's Island off the coast of GA. It is so peaceful and relaxing...


Oh I so want to go back to Spain. The beauty of another land, the culture, the wine--miss it!


Belgium! Belgium! and Belgium! I know it doesn't scream fun and excitment to everyone but there's fabulous beer, exceptional chocolate, and to-die-for waffles. Ever since I visited a few years ago, I've been trying to figure out a way to get back there. The spring is my favorite time of year to visit.


La Jolla, California is my favorite place to get away. Of all the glitzy, fast paced places to go in California, La Jolla is a breezy, quiet little town just outside of San Diego with pretty beaches, art galleries, great shopping and many great restaurants. And an In N' Out Burger is never too far! We don't have it in Texas and I always get my fix on the way from the airport to La Jolla.


Costa Rica! I lived there a couple of summers ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Beautiful beaches that run into the jungle, not condo developments and great snorkeling.

joyful weddings & events

Anywhere! As long as I'm on vacation, I am lovin it! My favorite spots always have some body of water: ocean, lake, river. All time favorite would be our honeymoon to St. Lucia- absolutely amazing!


Go Target! Go Minnesota!


Oh, and the most inspirational vacation spot: Prague.

kristin @ the fairmount bride

the beach. sand, sun and fun.


My favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod. My husband and I have been going there every year since our first anniversary. For us, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting on rocking chairs in a B&B that overlooks the ocean.


My favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks of North Carolina--my family used to go every year but we haven't gone back in way too long!


my fave is charleston. born and raised a southern girl, i've spent most of my adult life in the north. it's such a treat to revisit my roots and feel the waves of nostalgia wash over me. the sweet tea, the palms, the battery, rainbow row, the carriage rides, dock street theatre, picnics at the beach, the azaleas and hydrangeas, king street ... it all makes me feel as free and happy as i did when i was a child. nothing compares. i feel at home again. the most wonderful feeling in the world. nothing beats southern hospitality!


Sonoma County, Ca.

We live in San Francisco so its a great quick getaway on the weekend whether we are floating down the Russian River in a canoe, tasting fine wines at beautiful wineries, or shopping and dining in healdsburg square.

Megan Hobson

Austin Texas!!! The lakes are beautiful, and it's sunny 300 days out of the year. Gotta love that!!!


I actually haven't been to too many vacation spots, but the first place my fiance and I ever went to, for our first Valentine's Day, was in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. So that is my favorite vacation spot.


My favorite vacation spot is my family's cabin on Lake Ontario, north of Rochester. It's right on the water, tucked away behind this fantastic apple orchard. The whole area is just so relaxed and comfortable. I love it because it reminds me of all the fun times I've had there with my family, but there are also great little shops, farmers' markets and antique malls closeby in case I need an escape.


My favorite vacation spot is Charleston, South Carolina. Every time I visit from New England, I relax the moment I step off the plane and see the rocking chairs in the airport. I'm so thrilled to be planning a destination wedding in Charleston for next year! It makes me sweat the small stuff less as I know I'll be happy just being there, and getting married.

Kudzu Fire

pacific coast highway in CA


Cartagena, Colombia. Its colonial roots make it such a romantic city and it has beaches and sun. I vacationed there and go engaged there so it has a special meaning to me.


I pretty much use all my vacation time to travel to visit family, because if I'm with the ones I love, I'm in a good "spot." :) Based on location, I'd say my dad has the best spot - Sanibel Island. We love to fish off his boat and ride bikes through the wildlife/nature preserves.


Favorite Vacation spot is the Tahquamenon Falls area in the Upper Penisula of Michigan. I can camp, hike, explore and simply enjoy being in the great outdoors, which I adore....

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