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September 15, 2008



Love the top left pic! What a great idea for a fall wedding!


I am also really into pumpkins - but I think my mother doubts how elegant they will look - I am e-mailing her this link now!


great fall ideas! my fiance and i are planning a sept 2009 wedding, and will definitely use some of these ideas!! thanks!

Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride

Love the pumpkin idea! I bet someone could find a talented pumpkin carver to carve their monogram!


what a great, creative and unique idea with all of this!! thanks!

kari michelle

Gorgeous! You could even punch small shapes into those pumpkins. DIY table lantern!


I love fall. We are using wheat as a unifying floral theme throughout our wedding. It will be part of the bouquets and arrangements.

Erica Blonde

Pumpkins are great! You can use them at the church and then move them to the ceremony site. My sister used mini-pumpkins to hold table numbers.


I have always loved pumpkins- they're the quintessential symbol for fall! I think the gold painted mini ones are a lovely touch- seems like they'd be a bit garish, but actually come out classy and beautiful. Great ideas!

Heidi @ Zenadia

Love this! I've always loved fall and pumpkins are always something I look forward to!

Kristina McLean

We're thinking of using the miniature white pumpkins as seating cards.

Emily A

My favorite is the top middle photo, with the gold mini pumpkins (gourds?). I also love the baby white ones!


I love the pumpkin centerpiece with florals!

Marie P

i love pumpkins
plus i love autumn
i was born in september so it is my favorite season.


Admission: Pumpkins in my wedding make me cringe. EVERYONE keeps asking me if I will use them. Until this post I was never tempted. But the carved, mongrammed pumpkins are soooo elegant.


Oh I love pumpkins and the various ways they can be used! If I were having a late fall wedding, I'd so be there with using them as centerpieces!

Jennifer Gaskin

I imagine spiced pumpkin votive candles for a Fall wedding - a burnt orange color and oh so fragrant!

Rebecca Gomes

the pumpkin candy has the best flavor and are my favorites!


I love these ideas! I've been trying to think of a nice way to incorporate pumpkins in my November 2009 wedding without making it too "halloween." Those mini pumpkins that are being used as votives are adorable!

Le'Trice @Le'Penn Designs

The pumpkin centerpiece is adorable! I had a fall wedding in 2006 and some of these ideas would have been perfect!


In my eyes pumpkins are a most in a fall wedding. In fact, we had our wedding in early October and I cut out the tops of mini pumpkins and stuck tea candles in them. Everyone loved them so much, that by the end of the night they were all gone.

Jenn Feinberg

pumpkin seeds straight from the pumpkin are my favorite fall snack! i would give pumpkin seeds in cute little sachets out as favors for a fall wedding.


The monogrammed pumpkins are incredible! I love new and creative ways to display "light." A pumpkin is a classic way, but for a wedding...it is a new and great idea!

DomestiGal Jen

Ooh! Pumpkins! I love the idea of having non-Halloweeny pumpkins. I am having pumpkin ravioli at my wedding as part of my entree choice. In the fall, I love anything pumpkin flavored: coffee, muffins, pasta, yummmmm.


I've wanted a fall wedding for ages--and pumpkins are part of the reason why! I just love the way they look, and they're almost a "two-for-one" sort of thing. You get the seeds for favors and the gourd for a centerpiece, all at the same time!


I normally don't like pumpkins, but I LOVE the white and gold centerpieces! Might have to reconsider my position now...

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings

This look is perfect for any crisp fall wedding! I adore the pumpkin votives, they are truly adorable! Those pumpkins with the carved initials are magnificent and would be a perfect accent to any fall wedding!

Mary Loves

Beautiful blog, and gorgeous pictures! I love the pumpkins and love orange.


OOO, we're getting married next fall and there will definitely be WHITE pumpkins as part of the scheme!


Love the monogrammed pumpkins! Alternatively, you could paint the pumpkins white (including the stem) before carving (so they aren't SO orange if that's not your thing). Only a little orange light would then glow from the inside - really dramatic!


I love love love pumpkins -- thats why i decided to get married in the fall its my favorite time of year!


LOVE the green heirloom pumpkins! a nice touch of fall without feeling like halloween. I actually grew a bunch this summer to use for our late october wedding!


I have been using pumpkins as vases forever! They are so cute. And how can you go wrong with pumpkin soup at the reception!

Would be super cute to carve the table numbers in them too, or to use the mini's as escort cards

Shelly Whitehead

I absolutely love the white pumpkins! I was thinking of using them as centerpieces for the reception, but have not seen a picture of them being used in that way. I'm getting married in November, so I am scurrying to get all of the decorations figured out!! Thanks for the great ideas!


Pumpkin candies are such a great idea for the season!


I love fall because of the great colors, pumpkins, apples!!!


Pumpkin pie would be a great fall option instead of wedding cake! I think we are having cherry pie instead for out August wedding :)


We are incorporating pumpkin as a flavor in in one layer of our cake!


Love the ghost pumpkins. They are a vintage twist on the theme.

Mary Williams

I LOVE pumpkins for a fall wedding. We're having a small post-wedding reception at the in-laws house a few weeks after the wedding and the theme will be pumpkins!


i was originally dead set against a fall wedding but i love pumpkins so much i may change my mind!


i love this board. halloween is my favorite!


Pumpkins, pumpkin pies, and little sugar pumpkin candies. Quintessential fall. Yum!

Inspired Events By Nycia

There's so much you can do with pumpkins!!

Bliss Weddings Market

The initials on the pumpkins are just beautiful!


Love the feature on pumpkins! I'll be using some in my Oct. 12 (2008!)wedding, and maybe I can convince the groom to carve our initials in a few for the outside entrance.


I heart the white and monogrammed pumpkins. So chic!

Teri B

I especially love the idea of white pumpkins. Their unusual enough to be completely unexpected, and so easy to decorate with, even when your colors dont include orange. What wedding pallet would suffer from a big or organic white?


LOVE LOVE LOVE PUMPKINS! Not only could you use them as decorations with candels in them, but they also make great center pieces with a vase full of fall flowers! Of course you could always use the inside of the pumpkins to make mini pumpkin pies for guests as favors!!! It just isn't fall unless you have pumpkins to carve and pumpkin pie to eat!


Pumpkins as a vase is the best idea!

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