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September 18, 2008



I adore dahlias! Kathryn, I LOVE this board!!!


This just made me really want dahlias at my wedding.


What a beautiful board!


i love the Dahlias! Wow, that's awesome!


How gorgeous!

lucky designs

Just perfect!


I adore dahlias and hate that they're fall flowers, because I'm having a May wedding!


Oh, I LOVE that tie!


Orange! That's one of my wedding colors...ooooo!


the pictures are beautiful! I am so happy i am having dahlias at my wedding!


I love the dahlias - going to use them for my wedding in 2 weeks!


I love these flowers!!! Gorgeous.


I don't ever see very many dahlias out here in New Mexico, but just fell in love with their color and variety while in Seattle. Gorgeous and so vibrant!


I agree! Dahlias make me look forward to fall!

Starry-Eyed Barefoot Bride

I've never been a peonies person, but I am a big fan of the dahlias. There is just something to them that no other flower really has.


I think this is my favorite so far!


And here I was thinking the only colorful fall flower was the chrysanthemum. Gorgeous!


I love the many different shapes and colors of Dahlias. They're beautiful. I had them recently in my wedding and LOVED them!


We are having pesticide free, locally grown, organic dahlias and zinnias in all of our bouquets and arrangements. LOVE!

jessica @ budgetsavvybride

i'm loving this series. those dahlias are stunning


Beautiful, beautiful ideas. Creating a visual savings account for my wedding now!

Lara @ Southern Weddings

ooooh.. this is amazing! Dahlias are my favorite! What a stunning board. Loving this feature!


Love them! I haven't purchased my flowers, yet, but dahlias will now make it in!


These are gorgeous! I love the color diversity.

Jo @ Allegro Photography

Dahlias are an absolute favorite of mine. We had them (just the tops) lining the aisles of our wedding ceremony. They looked fabulous.


These are gorgeous! I love the color diversity.


what i love about dalias: full blooms, colors and affordable - perfect combination!


These are gorgeous! I love all of the color diversity.

Marie P

i was going to design my friend's wedding around the idea of daisies, but dahlias are way better. i love this :D


Dahlias are gorgeous!

Catie R

I feel like I just discovered dahlias. They are a really cute, funky fresh flower that comes in a ton of colors. They are beautiful!


My sister used dahlias in her wedding 2 years ago (a sept bride) and I fell in love with them.

Bethany Opperman

Great board! Dahlias are beautiful flowers and work well with other flowers- they are one of the types I am considering for my wedding next year. Thank you for featuring them and providing inspiration with them!

Inspired Events By Nycia

OH-So Beautiful! Love it!!


LOVE this board!! The colors are so beautiful.

kari michelle

I love dahlias! Just one of the "dinnerplate" variety would be perfect for a simple bouquet.


I LOVE the dahlias especially on the letterpress stationery!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me discover what flowers I want to use!

Jessica Lynn

Ohhhh our wedding is NEXT weekend and we are using dahlias!! cross your fingers!


DAHLIAS! I heart Dahlias!

They will be one of the main flowers used for my 10.10.09 Wedding. Burgundy. Oranges. OOOH I just can't wait! I LOVE DAHLIAS!


Dahlias are the only reason I sometimes am sad about having a May wedding. I would totally rock an October wedding with scads of dahlias!


dahlias are one of my favorite flowers :)


They look like a "fancified" Mum. Love it.

DomestiGal Jen

I never really knew about dahlias until I started researching wedding stuff... and now I love them. I mean hello, they come in orange, so obv dahlias and I are MFEO.

Jennifer Gaskin

i love dahlias! i am incorporating white dahlias in to my own bouquet and the bridesmaid's bouquets and centerpieces for my own september wedding.


Wow! These are gorgeous! Thanks for posting them!


Dahlias are beautiful flower for fall, but what makes them more beautiful is that they are in season!


I hope late August is not too early for dahlias, they are SO gorgeous!!


Their amazing variety makes it hard to not find at least one (or one hundred) dahlia to fall in love with!


Dahlias are such a full flower. I love the way they look. Can't wait to add a deep red to our arrangments.

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