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January 23, 2009



Since I've got wedding on the mind I'd have to say my fav from modernromance is the silk flower with mini veil.

Amy T

My absolute favorite item is the Sweetheart Birdcage Veil. I love the romantic, vintage feel of a birdcage veil! The organza rose hair clip would complement the veil perfectly!

Krista H

The silk shoulder wrap is so chic and gorgeous. But I also love the organza rose clip, its simplicity is stunning, and would look great with a simple sheath wedding dress, or given as a gift to the mothers of the bridal party to wear as a brooch. Thanks for the contest!!

Heather S.

That silk shoulder wrap is TO DIE FOR :)


It's a tough choice between the silk capelet or the petite birdcage veil - but since I'm getting married in London, the likelihood is that I'll need some warmth around my shoulders. Silk capelet it is!


all the pieces are beautiful, but i find i keep staring at the silk capelet. i love it's simplicity and romance, combined with the fact that the flower can be removed and reworn over and over again. this piece presents so many possibilities...

Mary Ann H

I love love love the silk sholder wrap!


I am looking for some sort of wrap or capelet, and I love these. I have bookmarked it. Think both the big flowers are beautiful but also love the smaller ones on the comb


I love the silk shoulder wrap!! I may have to mark that as a favorite item!


While all of the pieces are really beautiful, I was drawn to the pearls and ribbon headband immediately. It has a sweet simplicity that's chic and elegant. What a great way for someone who doesn't like to fuss much with their hair to dress up an everyday (or special event) outfit!


I love the Big Pearl Choker. It's totally classic and would gussy up just about any outfit. Even a cute jacket and jeans.

Nice find!


I would have to say my favourite would be the Silk Flower and Feather Fascinator. just beautiful.


I love the Garden Roses Wrap - it's so simple and pretty! It could also work with other outfits after the wedding.


Such darling & Chic accessories! Tough to pick a favorite, but I'd have to go with the Silk Shoulder Wrap with the sweet rose on the shoulder. I would love to do custom wraps like that for all my bridesmaids! Will definitely be keeping those in mind.


I love the silk shoulder wrap! So romantic.


the big pearls choker of course. Well...and the Organza rose. Such gorgeous goodies.



Oh pick me! I love, love, love, loooove the silk shoulder wrap! So chic, yet a little whimsical! And I love that it comes in different colors for the bridesmaids...

angelique t.

I LOVE the sweetheart birdcage veil. Sweet and SO chic!


I love the silk shoulder wrap, it adds so much drama and fun. I just wonder if I could pull it off...? All of her creations are beautiful!


The silk flower with the mini veil is just so delicate and sweet!


i really love the organza ruffle cape because it's so dramatic and basically looks like something 'Elizabeth I' would have worn to be married in. (that is, if she didn't take the title of 'virgin' queen to her deathbed). it's a beauty...
love all the flowers too.


oh my goodness! the silk shoulder wrap is amazing! so chic, so whimsical, so me!! Love love love!!!


I'm already married, but that Organza Rose hair clip is just casual enough that I could wear it with plenty of things! I would love it!


I love the medium silk flower hair clip. I originally wanted fresh flowers in my hair, but something like this would last all night!


I love the Sweetheart Birdcage Veil. So cute!


I have been looking at her stuff FOREVER. I love the big organza flower. I want to wear it on my wedding day in quite a bad way.


The silk shoulder wrap is gorgeous, although I don't think I could pull it off (broad shoulders and little shrugs...not so much)!

For me I would choose the big silk rose flower hair clip.


My favorite is the pearls and ribbon headband. It is simply and gorgeous!



I love so much of it, but if I have too .... then the pearl headband is my fave :)

Veronica Smith

Wow..the garden rose wrap is elegant, romantic, and perfectly states: classic simplicity. I love it!


The Silk Flower and Feather Fascinator is . . . well fascinating. And very cool. Love the combination of ostrich feathers and tulle.


Everything is beautiful, but my favorite has to be the silk shoulder wrap!

Annady L.

Ooh... the Organza Flower Neckribbon/Headband is for me! Actually... all of her items are absolutely gorgeous and tempting.

Lisa T

Love the big silk rose!


I love the pearls and ribbon headband. I have been looking for a ribbon headband piece like this!

lauren f

definitely the silk shoulder wrap. lovely.

Jennifer G.

The Pearls & Ribbon Headband is beautiful and simple. It would be great to wear during the reception after the veil comes off!


I like the "silk flower with mini veil". Adds a little mystique without too much coverage. Perfect.


Love the Silk Flower & Feather Fascinator!! Okay, okay... and the Silk Flower and mini veil. Her flowers are gorgeous!


The big pearls are fabulous!

Anna Alter

I LOVE that organza rose, so beautiful!

kathryn w

Being that my dress is made of organza, my favorite is naturally the big organza flower with pearls in the center... beautiful.


I love the medium silk flower clip! since i'm not wearing a veil this will be stunning in my hair! thank you for sharing with us. love!


I've been admiring modern romance for a while and have the silk shoulder wrap bookmarked for my wedding, it's so beautiful!


Ah! I found this etsy store and her blog a couple of weeks ago, and I'm in love! Her big silk flower hair clip is, actually, my favorite. Odds are good I'll be getting one for my October wedding either way. Awesome giveaway!


Oh my gosh... Love the ruffle cape. It's a little bit dramatic, a little unexpected amidst the other pieces. Love it.

Moa L

Oh, what a great giveaway!

I love the organza flower neckribbon/headband.

I'm getting married in the summer and I've been looking for a pretty and delicate fabric flower to wear in my hair, and this would be just perfect! This or the hairclip in the same design would be a wonderful thing :)

Ali L.

I like the Big Organza Rose Hair Clip!

Nicholle Moore

I absolutely love the silk shoulder wrap. That has to be my favorite. It is really simple, but it is so elegant paired with a wedding dress, or any dress actually!! Thanks for the contest I hope I win. My birthday is on the 29th!!


I love etsy and I actually came across her products the other day! I am in love with the capelet!

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