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February 03, 2009



I love how pretty the lace is without being overly girly-great photos!


How beautiful! That lace rose is so unique.


Are there instructions anywhere on how to make the lovely lace rose? I would love to make my bouquets like this!


I can't believe you blogged about doilies! I have recently become obsessed with them and want them all over my friend's vintage wedding. Perfect as always maria!

Project Wedding

The lace is so beautiful! It looks so romantic. =)

K at BlogGoggles

I'm not a big lace person in general but those are really neat, especially the flower.

Mara (Wedding Cabaret)

lace is so lovely! and timeless!

Ritzy Bee

Thanks to Courtney F. for sending the instructions to us on how to roll a doily into a rose:

1. Fold a round doily in half, then roll it to form a cone. Crocheted versions yield the best results

2. With an elastic band, secure its base

3. Fold, then roll a second round doily around the first, again securing with an elastic band

4. Embellish the bloom with millinery leaves, slipping the stem into the elastic band

5. Use as a corsage or a gift topper.

via: http://home.aol.com/diy/photogallery_cl/_a/delightful-ways-with-doilies/20080415105309990001

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