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March 05, 2009


Jeanmarie Lombardi

My best friend Laura was one of my two attendants at my wedding and we have been best friends since we are 10. Ever since we were kids, I have been very...awkward and she has been very athletic, so whenever something exciting happened to me, I would call Laura and ask her "to do a cartwheel for me" because I couldn't do one myself to save my life! To me, a cartwheel was the physical embodiment of a total feeling of joy and enthusiasm.
When we all got together months later to watch my wedding video, when it seemed to be over, Laura appeared on the screen, talking to the videographer and setting him up, then talking directly to the camera - "Jean, I have never seen you happier - so this is for you" - and she cartwheeled, in her dress, down the aisle of the church :-)
Laura is getting married in June 2010 and I would love nothing better than to be able to give this gift to her to let her know how much her friendship means to me every minute of every day.

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Great post today Maria. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing you all the best today and here's to another wonderful year of life ahead. xo

Dynamite Weddings

We'll have to send our Dynamite readers over to enter this amazing contest! Oh...and Happy Birthday.

Does the Dress Fit

Happy Birthday and thanks for the entry post.


My bridesmaids are all wonderful - the fact they said yes to travel across the country to be with me on my big day just means the world!!!


My wedding is rather small and my sister is my only bridesmaid but I would not have it any other way...we are twins and have been through so much together. I would love if I could do something fun like this for her. Love your blog by the way - I found you on Colin Cowie!

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Nicole Burns

My twin sister will be my MOH and she is truely my best friend. We both were diagnosed with moderate dysplasia (which leads to cervical cancer) and I will be having my surgery first. Her surgery will be shortly before my wedding and through everything we have been through we have had each others back. My wedding is actually the week of our 26th birthday and I would love nothing more than to present her with the ultimate bridesmaid gift, to show her just how much I care and how she is more than just my maid of honor she is my best friend.

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