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April 22, 2009



I'm so glad to see that everyone is getting the word out about the honey bees and how important they are for our way of life! As I write this my fiance, and bee keeper, is giving a presentation to his son's kindergarten class on the importance of honey bees. Everyone should have their own hive (even in the city, which is where we keep ours)!

K @ BlogGoggles

This is so great to hear. I'll definitely check it out.

Save the bees!

wedding chicks

this is great. more people need to be informed

Melanie Emmerson

I was listening to this podcast I subscribe to called Morning Coach, and this morning's inspirational call talked about the idea of the bee, and how the bee's nest, the shape of the honeycomb, is almost a perfect creation. The universe has allowed bees to create this perfect creation, and the fact that this little creature was given the ability to create this hive is so substantial, and they have the ability to create Honey, a marvelous fluid, and all that was provided to a BEE, such a little creature. The call goes on to speak about this idea of awakening to the beauty of life, and connects how if a bee can do all that...imagine how much we can do. I just thought I would share that with you!

Take care!


love all of these, great post!

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