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April 24, 2009



Every time I look at a new blog, I continue to get more inspiration about my own big day. The blogs have helped to bring my vision into reality by inspiring me and providing me with vendors, color boards, and great photography!


I love the colors. Everyone everywhere is getting creative with colors: robin's egg blue and red, mango and steel, pink and orange... I can't get enough of the pictures on different blogs.

Elizabeth M.

I can't get enough of wedding blogs because at the core of them is love and happiness and joy. The flowers can be any color. The dresses range from modern to romantic and everything in between. The venue can be someone's backyard or a castle. But all of these are just pieces that make up a celebration of love and joy and that's the best part. I feel lucky when I see how others are willing to share this joy with the whole world through blogs.


Wedding blogs provide so much inspiration and the pictures are just such beautiful eye candy that can provide inspiration in many different parts of our lives.


I love wedding blogs because they are always so happy - even a terrible day can be improved by looking through some beautiful pictures of weddings. Also, I get so many great ideas from wedding blogs. And the best thing about those ideas is that many can be applied to other events or entertaining beyond weddings!

Courtney F

I can't get enough of wedding blogs because I am constantly surrounded by inspiration! Everyday I am inspired to do more DIY and try more non-traditional ideas for our wedding...without my blogs it would just be your average cookie-cutter type of event but instead it will be totally us!


I can't get enough of wedding blogs because of all the gorgeous decor ideas! I'm not naturally as creative as all the talented brides out there and I can shamelessly steal all their awesome ideas ;


Even though my own wedding has come and gone I can't bring myself to delete all of the wonderful wedding blogs from my reader. I just love the energy and creativity! Weddings are full of happiness, joy and love, but they're also the one biggest things in life that ordinary people and designers have total creative freedom with. Couple that with the passion that planning a wedding can inspire and you get one of the most (if not THE most) creative industry on the planet. That's what I love.

Weddings might not be the same as a Picasso, but they're the biggest invitation that most of us get to really craft something beautiful. Large or small, weddings (and the constraints in planning them) can demand a lot time, money and labor but return much more than a simple product. That's why so much effort goes into them, I can't get enough!


To be able to dream about my own big day! But also to get inspiration for design ideas for fashion and the home- textures, colors, lighting. Its all inspiring!

Marilyn S

wed blogs remind me of when i was planning my wedding. i love seeing all of the beautiful dresses, invites, and details. it's a lovely escape.


It's a matter of defining that uniquely yours wedding idea. We brides all have commonalities, but sifting through blogs with lovely pictures and inspiration helps you to carve it down until you are standing on the one idea that is your wedding and no one elses.

Amy T

I can't get enough of wedding blogs because they are a constant source of inspiration in so many aspects of my life -

Of course, I draw inspiration for my upcoming wedding. I look for ideas for DIY centerpieces, tips for dealing with stressful aspects of the process, and inspiration for fab angles to work into our portaits.

But I've noticed I draw on my wedding blogs for other sources of inspiration too... I find myself getting ideas for a killer color-combo for an outfit I never would've thought of before. Or a yummy appetizer for a cocktail party that I could make myself. Or a particular accessory that I just *must* have.

I realized that brides (and many grooms) put so much of THEMSELVES into their weddings - so much creativity and soul! It's impossible not to gain a little insight into the awesome minds of so many people, and thus gain inspiration from them. Weddings blogs are my online wedding advisers, yes. But also my fashion experts, my hair stylists, my makeup artists, my interior designers, my craft mavens, and -sometimes- my counselors when I'm feeling a meltdown coming on.

Maggie Reed

I can't get enough of wedding blogs for the endless ideas and inspiration. I feel so grateful that other women share so openly rather than keeping their little creative gems to themselves!

chrissy from the perfect palette

As a wedding consultant & bride-to-be...its just so much fun being able to be a part of a community of brides and bride enthusiasts. It's great fun to share creative ideas and to read other people's creative tips & finds. It's truly inspiring.

Megan Olsen

I love all of the eye candy!! Even if it's not all my style, it's always beautiful.


I love wedding blogs both to get ideas for my own day and also to admire what other people have done. We don't always share the same taste, but it's inspirational seeing what other brides are able to pull off!


The Color palettes are SO inspirational!


I am an avid believer in Group Think - and wedding blogs can only help evolve your own wedding. Plus it is a great way to "borrow" ideas from others whom your guests are not at risk on a wedding repeat!


What better way to be inspired and push this procrastinator off the hiney and get a going on the planning process. Love the site!


To get inspired by how different everyone's weddings are - wedding magazines and books are censored and filtered, and they often pick the bigger budget or more glamorous weddings - but if I want to find a low-key, fun affair, I just have to turn to the blogging world!


I love the energy and excitement that radiates from all the blogs! We unite as women who are excited about this stage in our lives and it's SO much fun to get inspired, share ideas, get advice, give advice and help each other add beauty to our special day!!


I heart wedding blogs because they inspire me to get off my butt and think creatively. Without wedding blogs, I think I would be having a cookie cutter Indian wedding - but now I have ideas on how to make my wedding unique!


Wedding blogs are just such great sources of inspiriation--not just for weddings, but for fashion, design, and parties in general!


I can't get enough of wedding blogs because not only am I getting married in October and constantly looking for inspiration, but also because there are so many witty, creative, and amazing blogging brides out there that entertain me and make me smile!


If it weren't for wedding blogs I don't think I would know half of the things I am responsible for as a bride nor what my sisters (bridesmaids should do)!

Meghan G

I have been married for almost three years now and I still love looking at wedding blogs. They give me daily inspiration for my life and work. I love the flower arrangements and looking at weddings keeps me current in the trends, which helps with designing my upcoming letterpress invitation line. If I knew about blogs a few years ago my wedding would have been much different. I have been trying to convince my husband to get married again so I can use some of these ideas I have, but I guess I will just have to wait for my little sister to get married instead.


There's just nothing much more that I can say but if it weren't for wedding blogs my wedding would be blah. haha sad but true - they have been so inspiring and great resources in teaching this young bride (who's the first of her friends to go)!


I like wedding blogs because of the inspiration that it provides me. I look at everything differently now.


I can't get enough of wedding blogs because they are a great way to feed my wedmania even though I'm not yet engaged. And it's been great to get tons of ideas and see what I like and dislike before having to actually bring up ideas with the future fiance.


I've gotten the best ideas for my August wedding from wedding blogs! I just hope I can shake the habit when my wedding is over!

AmyJean @RelentlessBride

I love wedding blogs b/c i always find inspiration. So many brides, so many taste, so many different styles... it's so hard to really not fall in love with each new post!


Wedding blogs are the way I start my morning with a hot cup of coffee...all of the beautiful pictures, fun invitations, and heartfelt photos put me in a great mood!


i'm officially obsessed. Love the dresses. Love the romance. Love all the cute grooms.


I must admit that before we got engaged I had never heard of a "Wedding Blog". Of course I followed Martha Stewart's website religiously and would sometimes let my mouse hover over the wedding tab but I never completely dove right in until it was official. In the last few months I have become completely dependent on them for the color-boards, the wonderful ideas, the DIY sections, even ideas for my photographer, and the shots I can't live without! Wedding blogs have become a guide, an inspirational Mecca, and something to look forward to every morning. All I need is my decaf coffee and my i-google bookmarks, life is sweet.

Emie Mullins

When I first started planning our wedding I knew that I wanted lots of personal touches but I felt so lost in such a big world of possibilities.
Wedding blogs have inspired me, given me great ideas and really helped me shape the theme and design of our upcoming wedding. :)
I know even after the big day I'll still frequent my favorite sites for daily inspiration.


I can't get enough of wedding blogs because they are the ultimate! When do you ever invite all the people you are closest to in the world to as pretty a party as you can muster to celebrate love?! Wedding blogs are THE prettiest in so many ways!


i love wedding blogs because they've come to make realize that a wedding doesn't have to be cookie cutter in any way. i've always grown up thinking that a wedding was this generic ceremony that women went through to marry their significant other, but as i've come to learn the last several weeks... it's not. it's so far from the cookie cutter ideal i had growing up. i've come to realize that weddings are such intimate and personal events, where you can see the bride's (and groom's) personality and what kind of person she is by the details at her wedding. i love it!!


I love how the inspiration for weddings carries over so effortlessly into everday life. Also, weddings are full of love and joy, who wouldn't want to fill their day with that?


I have found countless ideas and inspiration from the 40+ (YES!) wedding blogs I read. What I like most is ideas about the little things you can do to personalize the wedding and make it that much more unique. I already had my mind made up about the venue, the dress, and other big things before I came to the wedding blogs, but those little details are where I get completely lost! So that's why I can't get enough of wedding blogs.


I enjoy all the changes and all the similarities in each wedding. I like seeing how people put their special touch on it. But most of all, I love knowing they are still happening. I am in awe that, despite the alarming rates of divorce that the media throws out every so often, people still believe in love and in each other. Love conquers all!


Ahh, the world the wedding blogs. Since I started my own wedding planning I have become addicted to the continuing inspiration, tips, and tutorials on these blogs. They give me that creative outlet I've been missing for years...at least since getting my job in science.

Amy L.

So much inspiration to be found. I'm already married and still read wedding blogs for the mood boards, color palettes, and the general happiness! Love your blog too- just found it recently!


I really love blogs in general and now that I'm planning a wedding, it's just very appropriate for me to look at a lot of wedding blogs, too. We are planning an unconventional wedding, so blogs are a great place to get new ideas!

Stacey O.

i can't get enough of wedding blogs because every time i'm on one i'm reminded that a.) a lot of people care a whole lot more than i do (sigh of relief) b.) a lot of weddings are a bazillion times prettier, better thought-out, and more reflective of the couple than mine will be and that c.) in 78 days, i will never have to look at another wedding blog again because i will be married to my favorite person in the world (which is, after all, the point). so, i'm NOT hating...just appreciative for a ton of "inspiration" that i'm no longer feeling obligated to use for our wedding, unless of course, someone posts some flower or garland idea that is just *too* good to pass up!

anyway, thanks for a contest with the much needed prize of something *non-wedding* related...as well as for a wonderful blog that i am happy to visit every day...but only until July 11!


Because of all of the inspiration! New crafts, new recipes, new designs... it's all so wonderful!


Its crazy to think that one inspiration board can touch hundreds and thousands of weddings. I have picked up so many amazing details to personalize our special day.


It is so nice to read that other people feel a little overwhelmed sometimes too, that I am not the only one obsessing about to wear a veil or not, are boutineers necessary, and reminders not to sweat the small stuff, just do what makes you happy!


I'm addicted to wedding shows like Platinum Weddings, Who's wedding is it anyway?, Ace of Cakes...and yes, even My Big Redneck Wedding! So, naturally I've expanded my fondness for "everything wedding" by reading countless number of blogs. My good friend, who works for a couture bridal salon in Georgetown, Washington, DC, suggested I tap into the Ritzy Bee Blog...and here I am! I love blogs because it's a great way for brides (and non-even-close brides) to share ideas, experiences, and advice. I take snippets from numerous blogs and have a folder on my computer of random ideas.

The funny thing is that I'm not married, I'm not engaged, nor do I live in the same city as my own boyfriend! :) We are moving to the same city at the end of the summer. So a J.Crew gift card can help me get a pretty new outfit that may encourage him to pop the question...what do you think?


So much beautiful inspiration!

Annie @ Marry You Me

I love reading wedding blogs and writing my wedding blog because of all the love that goes into them. The big day itself is all about love and prettiness, and wedding blogs reflect this everytime you read them.

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