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May 06, 2009


John S

Maria - Maria - Maria -
I am so very much upset (as are so many others at the I3MP conference) that you left the Immix Group so stealthily and were not here to join us. To top it off, I discover that Amy Bishop (the secret love of my life) is leaving Eyak to pursue a graduate degree in Art therapy. Oh, the humanity. My enjoyment of customer conferences is now forever gone. No cell phone, no e-mail, no way to ever contact you ... even if it is Kush or Zitelli want to drunk dial you at midnight on a Tuesday. Praise the Lord that I was randomly Googling "tickled pink" or I never would have found you.


Even though I am a guy, I do find something special in pink. I can picture myself in a pink tie (like what is pictured) at my own casual wedding.


I love this shower and I love E. Messina!

Melanie Emmerson

This is absolutely adorable! I love love the pink flowers and the fruit display!


this post inspires me to day dream
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