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July 28, 2009



i love the color! there's a tendency to go black and white for wedding celebrations, but why! these bold & bright colors put a smile on your face. and that's what it's all about.


I love Linda & Harriett's Signature collection. It's simple, but elegant at the same time.


Linda and Harriet designs are a breath of fresh air in the stationary industry. The colors have a vintage feel but the designs showcase a chic contemporary movement - a beautiful ensemble, much like a new diamond in a vintage setting. Thanks, Linda and Harriet!


their designs are unexpected + whimsical. never over-the-top. just understated flights of the imagination. love them!


I love this collection! Everything is so rustic and simple, yet clean and graceful. I like everything from the fonts to the colors to the shapes. Nice work!

Agnes D.

I love their clean, simple, and modern designs. I also love the handrawn charm!


When you send a letter, it is not only coorespondance, but an expression of who you are. These letters are so fresh, modern, & clean...yet have a whimsical element, that I could only be so lucky as to mail! Love them!


Linda & Harriett's collection is so quirky and vibrant. I've loved their simple "handwritten" wedding invitation since I first lay eyes on it. The piggies are useful for so many of life's little occasions!


I love how colorful their collection is, vibrant and yet simple, without going over. Suits my spirit!


I fell in love with Linda & Harriett in Jan '08 when i ordered the calendar! I have since saved every page from that calendar and posted them around my cube at work : )

I adore the typefaces and little vintage touches (wallpaper liner) Liz uses in her work. I plan to do my entire wedding stationary suite with L+H


I love Linda & Harriett! I've been eyeing one of their invitations & I simply can not stop thinking about it. It is the perfect balance of modern/contemporary and traditional elegance!


I'd just love to get that birthday card in the mail!


The designs and use of color are so fresh and inspiring! I'd love to send some stylish snail mail on such creative cards!


I've been a fan for about a year now - such whimsy and fun is present in every piece of theirs. Just yesterday I recommended their signature invitations to a friend for her upcoming wedding. I just can't get enough of the clean, simple, yet elegant designs.


i love their variety. so many different styles to choose from, not a one trick pony!

christy { dandelion muse }

it's kind of silly reason, but i just love how they imprinted their name in gold on the packaging - so simple and elegant!


I LOVE their annual calendars. I’m looking at mine right now! Thanks. Amy

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