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July 31, 2009


Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

Amazing details!

Tessa , Utah Bride & Groom Magazine

This is lovely! Makes me want to put on a summer dress, walk around barefoot and sip on an ice-cold glass of lemonade!


i adore this! u can't help but be happy after looking at it :)


incredible pictures. amazing colors and i love all the great shots.


Love the photos. They have such a vintage feel to them. So refreshing!!

bridal girl

Great looking wedding preparation. The cake looks fabulous.

Cookie Cutter

Love the colours. It's so much happiness!


I really do enjoy the simplicity that is implemented by most couples when having a summer wedding! They are so beautiful!

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Brianna Phelan

Wow awesome! :)


This is amazing. I'm in awe.

Nancy Liu Chin

Thank you Ritzy Bee for this shout out! A huge thank you to Anne Millett - Modern Trendsetter, 2009, Torchio Nursery who donated many of the garden roses, Cake Coquette who made those mini cakes - adorable! Of course, our fiercely leaders, Gloria and Lisa L!!! w


This is adorable. I love the pastel colors. Some great inspiration.


Ohhh how pretty all the details are!


Where did the mustard/steak sauce/ketchup labels come from? They are so cute!!

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