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August 25, 2009



The Shaya Diamond Cluster Earrings are my favorite! They are stunning! I'd love to wear them with my asymmetrical white and silver gown!


The Miles Diamond Chandelier Earrings have nearly the exact design inside them as my Eve of Milady replica. It would be a dream completed to borrow these stunning diamonds!


Chadwick Diamond Cuff Bracelet - perfect accessory for the bride!


Love the whittaker drop ratings!


I love the Elizabeth Necklace - so classic and elegant!


The Brent Diamond Pearl Drop Earrings are so different but so classic... love the emerald-cut diamond posts. The unique, antique style matches my ring perfectly.


I like the Denton and Ascot bridal sets.

Emily Mullins

I absolutely love the Whitaker Diamond Classic Drop Earrings.
What a great idea. :)
Thanks for this opportunity.


Love the Hartley Pearl Drop Earrings! I have bene looking for a cure pair of pearl earrings and I think I found a good contender!


What a great giveaway! I love the Whittaker Drop earrings...ok, and the Chadwick cuff. A girl can't really be asked to choose just one diamond item! :)


Love the Keating earrings! Would be perect for wedding day :)


Love the Shaye diamond cluster earrings. I want to wear a drop pearl and diamond pendant necklace, so i'm looking for stud earrings... those have a nice bit of sparkle!

Ashley W.

The Lockwood Diamond Chandelier earrings would be the perfect addition to my simple ivory gown!


I LOVE the Silverwin Vintage Diamond Bracelet. AMAZING! As are the Whittaker Classic Diamond Drop Earrings. So beautiful!

The Perfect Palette

It's a toss up between the Coleman Pear Cut Diamond Pendant & the Whittaker Classic Diamond Drop Earrings! They are both gorgeous and SO me!!! Id be thrilled to have either of those pieces!


I love the Shaye Diamond Cluster Earrings. There's something about them that reminds me of the 20s and I don't think I've seen anything like them around.

Barnyard Chic

I love the Bates Bracelet! It's a classic design and would add some serious sparkle to my wrist!


The Chadwick Bracelet. It's just so sparkly!

christy { dandelion muse }

i love LOVE L.O.V.E the chadwick bracelet... what a dazzling idea!!

Jenn K.

I love the Miles Diamond Chandelier Earrings they are the perfect compliment to my dress!


Whittaker Classic Diamond Drop Earrings without a doubt!


Love the Budding Diamond and Pearl earrings!


My favorites are definitely the pearl drops!


I love the Silverwin Vintage Diamond Bracelet! It has that perfect vintage feel that I love. Gorgeous!


Love the Lockwood Diamond Chandelier earrings.

Kelly McKinney

The Hartley Pearl drop earrings are amazing....I love pearls and diamonds together, so timeless, so beautiful!

Lindsey Rietscha

They are all so gorgeous but I'm totally crushing on the Keating earrings. Absolutely stunning!


The Miles Chandelier earrings are STUNNING!! They would perfectly compliment the beading on my dress...very art deco...FABULOUS! I would LOVE to have the opportunity to wear these on my wedding day!!

Meg Alcorn

What a great site! I had no idea it existed!!! All fo the jewlery is so gorgeous...especially the Quinn Earrings.

Christina Clayton

The Shaye diamond cluster earrings are a perfect fit for a sleek, drawn back, low hairstyle like a low bun. You don't need any other accessories besides those fabulous earrings, and your ring of course! Perfect and stunning.


The Adair earrings are lovely!

Laura Sue

I love the Budding Diamond Pearl Bracelet! It would perfectly compliment the mixture of leaves and pearls in my dress!

Sylvia S

Definitely the Lockwood Necklace!


Livingston Bracelet- simply stunning!

Nicole Marie

la la lovee the Whittaker Classic Diamond Drop Earrings!


Love the Budding Diamond Pearl Earrings. would go great with my dress!


I love the Whittaker Drop Earrings. Very vintage glam!


I love the Silverwin Vintage Diamond Bracelet. It special without being too much.


I gasped when I saw the Budding Diamond Pearl Necklace. What is more bridal that pearls and diamonds? I have always been a pearls girl and would love this unique piece for our special day!


I gasped when I saw the Budding Diamond Pearl Necklace! What is more bridal that pearls and diamonds? I have always been a pearls girl and would love this unique piece for our special day!


I love the Hartley Pearl Drop Earrings.


I am in love with the Chadwick Cuff Bracelet! Stunning!!


I love the Abbott earrings.


I think the Hartley Pearl Drop Earrings are lovely!


I love the diamond drop earrings, they're so beautiful!

emily f.

I can't help but be head-over-heels in love with the Chadwick Diamond cuff. Gorgeeee!

emily f.

I'm head-over-heels in love with the Chadwick Diamond cuff! Gorgeeeee!


The Whitaker Diamond Classic Drop Earrings are gorgeous and would match my gown perfectly!


I absolutely love the Budding necklace - charming & classy at the same time! Beautiful.


I love the Miles earrings!

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