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November 03, 2009


lynn in love

Oh I agree! Wheat IS neat! I just second shot a fall wedding a few weeks ago that incorporated wheat bouquets/bouts and it was incredibly darling. And I loved how economical it was for bride without having to sacrifice style. Check out my blogpost for that wedding here: http://lynninlovephoto.blogspot.com/2009/10/opie-in-love-with-mary-wedding.html


I love your blog! I love that party too! My friends and I are throwing our gf's bridal shower this weekend and I am doing the shower decor. This party and your blog surely gave me great ideas! Thanks :)


Oops I meant to comment on the post before this one, I'm silly!

The PeachPost

I went to a wedding earlier this season where wheat was used in the theme. They used a lot of biblical references. The couple even gave away wheat seeds as the favor.


This is very innovative wedding i wanted that my wedding will be also like this. Thank you for sharing!



I really LOVE the wheat too! I tried to make that Martha Stewart bouquet you have in the upper right because it is so lovely! It didn't turn out quite as nice...;)...but I still love it!

bridal philippines

These must be a perfect wedding in a history,i like whats on the post. Congratulation!


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