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December 16, 2009



a more flexible day job, more love, more dreams. maybe some new colored pencils too.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

hmm. thats tough? looking forward to more time with friends and family...


I'm looking forward to getting married! We've already been engaged for a year, so I can't wait for the day to be here! :)


Looking forward to my brother's wedding and all the festivities that will come with it!


I always look forward to the fresh start of the new year, and this is the year I am excited to hopefully pay off my debt! Sad, but true. I absolutely love these cards. My mom started the tradition of sending out New Years cards a few years back. Everyone seems to forget about it because of Christmas.

Nicole Dufour DuRocher

Honestly and I am sure Amy would agree ... a 2010 that doesn't suck ass!!!

Libby James

i love these! I am looking forward to eating 100% organic in 2010!

Lakendra Kennedy

2009 wasn't the best year for my business so I am looking forward to things picking up in 2010.

Katherine Strate

I'm looking forward to the half marathon I'm running in March!


Wonderful! I'm looking forward to graduating law school in 2010.

The Broke Socialite

I'm looking forward to building my empire on the heels of Oprah! I will also be interviewing for a Gayle.

Keli Morris

I am looking forward to working toward my life and company goals, and spending time with my friends and loved ones.


What beautiful cards! I am looking forward to getting married and starting our new life together as husband and wife :)


So Cute


I'm looking forward to health, happiness, a job promotion, and world peace (we can dream, can't we?).


I'm looking forward to graduating from law school! And moving in with my fiance after three long years of a long distance relationship.

Prairie Girl

I'm most looking forward to my friends' wedding in 2010! And the Olympics!!! I *heart* the Olympics and I'm *super* excited that they're back here in Canada!!!


I'm looking forward to my wedding in April, and qualifying as an environmental lawyer which I will find out about around the same time! April/May is going to be crazy but 2010 will be a very good year.


Oh my, I am a huge fan of Amy's and these letterpress cards are the perfect way to ring in the New Year after a crazy 2009! Love the richness of the green and conveys a fresh start with much great tidings to hope for!

Some Lucky Dog

These are gorgeous cards! I'm looking forward to going home in 2010! We live in NW Montana, but have been in Oklahoma since last February. We came here because hubby wants to buy a 2nd airplane and when the economy tanked we didn't want to touch the money we'd saved for it. So, he took a job here and we've been stashing the cash. We're going home the first week of March and can't wait. We miss our rural living and our mountains!

Courtney W.

I'm looking forward to my wedding next May...and the months afterward, when I can sit back and revel in the fact that I'm done doing prep work for it. :)


im looking forward to seeing my whole family in june when they all come out to MA for my wedding. I dont get to see them often and cant wait to boogie down!


Without a doubt, I am looking forward to being finished with graduate school!

Courtney S.

Is it too easy to say that I'm looking forward to my upcoming marriage! October 2010! :-)


Oooo- I love the New Year! I am so excited for all of the new opportunities it brings. 2010 marks the year my daughter begins school and I start a new job. I haven't worked in over 5 years, and I cannot wait to start! Woohoo- I get to hang out with grown-ups again! Hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy New Year!


I'm looking forward to our wedding!


Saying "twenty-ten"

Jaclyn Bower

I am looking forward to continuing to plan my wedding - we are getting married September 25, 2010 - I cannot wait. Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance :) Cheers!


Oh my. So much. Hopefully happiness and peace.


With the New Year brings 2010...finally! The year of my wedding...and the beginning of our new life together!


we close on a house next week, 2 months after our wedding. i'm looking forward to making that house our HOME in 2010!


Looking forward to a new job (hopefully), house renovations and perhaps the first year I'll send out holiday cards (if I win these?).


So happy my dear ABCD shared this lovely blog.

Is it too safe to say that I'm looking forward to taking part in all of the above posters special wedding and graduation events? Those all sound fun!

Nah, just kidding. I'm looking forward to a 2 week South American cruise with my hubby come March 2010.


I'm looking forward to running my first 1/2 marathon!!

Minerva Kenner

I am looking forward to the countdown to my April wedding and beginning a new life with my husband.


I have been looking for a great new years card to send out, we aren't religious at our house so finding a non religious card can be hard, these are fantastic!!!

Leah Huete

I'm looking forward to becoming a full fledged designer. I've gotten gorgeous photos done for my portfolio and I'm making all sorts of connections. Next year can only get better!


Love the cards! I'd be so excited to share these with friends.
I'm looking forward to many things next year: two great vacations, paying off both of our cars, and enjoying my last year in my 20s!


I am looking forward to a year of love and joy as we prepare for our October nuptials in Charleston!


I am looking forward to my wedding in June!


I'm looking forward to love, luck, joy and good health in 2010! Happy Holidays!


I'm looking forward to a better year! Being healthy, finding love, and being surrounded by friends and family.


For the New Year I look forward to marrying the man of my dreams July 17,2010.yay!


My Wedding!!!

Pink J

Beautiful cards! My new husband (of 8 months) was at last able to move across the country to be with me -- from DC to Hawaii! I am looking forward to having my buddy nearby:).

Jane Kelley

I'm looking forward to more work (that's a good thing!), another year of good health and an increasing appreciation for the simple things in life.


I love Amy's Work! She is so talented. I am looking forward to a year of Creative growth among other things. I really want to channel my creativity and put it to work for me with my business and my personal life. Also to gather a group of other creative people and work together as a force. Thanks for the opportunity.

Erin Archuleta

those cards are so great.

Alison Kelly

What a fabulous giveaway!! I'm looking forward to hopefully starting a family with my husband and starting a new life as a yoga teacher.

Happy new year!


Yay for New Year's! I'm looking forward to completing my french minor and going on a road trip with my fam in the summer! Hola!

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