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March 11, 2010


Phyllis Cheung

Beautiful! I love succulents because they're the only plant that I can keep alive.

Crystal Adair-Benning

Absolutely LOVE the use of succulents as wedding day florals. Sustainable, robust and beautiful.

Miss Diamond Ring

You're so right about the succulents adding texture-- love this!

Brianne a.k.a Miss Diamond Ring

laura trevey

I agree... beautiful inspirational photos too!


This is a stunning and practical way to use succulents; I am impressed!! Thanks so much for your post!! Love it, love it!!


I love it! I might want to add these in the mix. I'm not quite sure how well they'll go with orchids though. I definitely want to use some veggies and do something different.

Thanks for sharing!


these yellow ranunculuses are what i want for my bouquet someday--SIGH :)
simply beautiful!

Michael and Anna Costa

Gorgeous arrangements!

philippines flower

Lovely flowers! Wish I can also arrange beautiful flowers like that. I want to learn how to arrange flowers cause it so interesting. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing!


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