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July 30, 2010



These are so beautiful! I can totally tell she was a ballet dancer. The last two are just fabulous.


So beautiful!


These are truly works of art, especially that last one! It's incredibly stunning and undoubtedly delicious.

Allison B.




Miss B.

It's a very sweet name + logo as well!

Erin @ Slipcover Your Life

classic ballet dancer and GORGEOUS cake designer? seriously? beyond jealous. her cakes are so girly yet still modern and simple.


I've been looking at lots of wedding cakes lately ( getting married this Christmas) and these are UNBELIEVABLE! She is truly an artiste!


Had a consult/tasting with Magpiescake last week. The portfolio is amazing and the flavors absolutley delicious. Definitely fine art for the palate!

Hope she can squeeze me in for October.


Love the logo and the cake designs are breathtaking. Best wishes to an amazing Chef!

Inspired Events & Designs


Lois Betty

Beautiful! Very unique. LB

Capital City Cheesecake

Capital City Cheesecake loves Magpie's Cakes. We have had the honor to work with her hand and hand and she is just as delightful and beautiful as her creations. If your looking for a unique peice of art that taste just as delicious as it looks, Magpie's Cakes is your place.


Lovely cakes! I love the "bee cake" especially. Simple and elegant, any bride would love to have one of these cakes.

Bruce Lipinski

Very unique and a work of art! Great job!


Spectacular! Great job!


Absolute works of art. Want to host an event so I can showcase a cake!


My sister is getting married, so I'm really happy to have seen this! A hidden gem, for sure. I wish there was a link to their website though, but of course I will find them with google.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

OH MY GOSH I am stunned! These are SO AMAZING!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! Wow....these are DEFINITELY the most incredible cake creations I have ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!


The cakes are amazing, a unique blend of intricate detail and simplicity. So impressive!!


the second-to-last cake is heavenly.


These cakes are truly works of art. Beautiful!


wow, what wonderful cakes! it makes me want to get married all over again!

Leslie Nelson

Simple, unique and beautiful!

aruna b. photg

wow!!!! pretty pretty!!!


Almost too beautiful to eat, but too delicious not to


Love to see more cakes! These are wonderful.

dining tables

I like the one that has butterflies! It looked so simple but it is very beautiful!

Carmen Sanchez

Wow! Thanks for sharing these amazing cakes! I am planning my own wedding and the cake,a santa barbara wedding photographer and bridesmaids gifts are the only missing items. I appreciate this information!

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